Warranty, Care and Maintenance


Please keep your invoice because all of our products come with a 12 month warranty unless stipulated otherwise. You must contact us as soon as the warranty issue appears, within 7 days of the damage occurring, any extra damage caused by a lack of action will not be covered by warranty. Please refer to our care and maintenance section on this page for the correct way to maintain your item.  

Our 12 month warranty only applies to manufacturing faults not every day wear and tear. Please not that most manufacturing faults do not include vinyl cracking & peeling or tears, stains or tears in fabric, leather cracking & peeling or tears, chrome or stainless steel rusting, powder coating cracking & peeling or rusting. A lack of maintenance is not a manufacturing fault and our suppliers will not fix these issues. 

It is the customers responsibility to pay freight on all warranty claims unless the item is damaged on arrival (D.O.A). Please provide us with photos &/or videos evidence on any D.O.A claims with in 24 hours of receiving your order. If we do not receive information with in 24 hours after you have received your parcel the claim will no longer be classified as a D.O.A claim and will be classified as a warranty claim. Please note that freight fees may apply if your claim is classified as a warranty claim.

It is at the suppliers discretion to approve or deny any/ all warranty claims. We will contact you once our an out come has occurred to let you know if your claim was approved or denied. We will not replace or fix any items if the claim is not approved by our supplier. 

Depending on warranty issues some items may be replaced and some items may be repaired and not replaced. In some cases so that you the customer do not have to pay freight on a warranty claim we may offer a partial refund so that you are able to arrange to get your items fixed close to you.   

Care and Maintenance 

Vinyl, PVC, PU (Also knows as PU Leather)

We recommend using a soft cloth with mild soapy water for regular cleaning of your products. We recommend having a soft cloth just for your vinyl, PVC & PU products. Place the cloth into warm soapy water, ring the cloth out & then use the cloth to clean the entire seat including a back rest. You can also use a leather and vinyl cleaner if you have one at home. The leather and vinyl cleaner will help to clean your seat as well as bring moisture into the vinyl, PVC, PU which will help to stop it from cracking and peeling (please use as instructed on the label of the cleaner). The areas that you need to focus on the most include but are not limited to anywhere that body oils touch e.g. the top of the back rest, the sides of the back rest, the front of the seat and the sides of the seat where you pull the seat in. These areas will wear out quickly and you will find that these areas will crack and peel first , if not maintained. Please note that if you have children and animals using the products you should regularly clean the entire seat. Due to the way that children climb onto the seat they will place body oils in other places. Animals also release body oils so you will have to clean the areas that they like to sleep or sit in the most. Cleaning up any spills as soon as they occur will also help prevent stains. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE PRODUCTS LIKE JIFF OR GUMPTION OR NON NATURAL SPRAY & WIPES. These products will eat at your vinyl, PVC or PU and cause it to fade, crack or peel.


We recommend that you use a fabric protector on all fabric items, a fabric protector will not prevent liquids from damaging the fabric but it will help with cleaning and preventing stains (please use as instructed on the label of the fabric protector) . Regular vaccuming is also recommended on all fabric items. Cleaning up any spills as soon as possible will help prevent stains from occurring and will also help prolong the life of the padding.


We recommend that you use a leather protector on all leather products. This will help keep leather clean as well as put moisture back into the leather this will help prevent the leather from cracking and peeling or stains (please use as instructed on the label of the leather protector). You should regularly use the leather protector on your product. You should clean up an spills as soon as possible this will help prevent stains. 

Chrome and Stainless Steel

We recommend that you protect your chrome and stainless steel products with a lubricant (Inox or car polish eg turtle wax) this will help create a barrier  between the metal and any dust or moisture which is what causes the metal to rust. Clean any dust, dirt or moisture that is on the metal and then with a clean cloth spray or place the lubricant onto the cloth and then wipe onto the metal. You should do this on a regular basis (minimum once a month or if you live near the ocean, lake or water in general you should do this a minimum twice a month). Ensure that any spills are cleaned up as soon as possible. DO NOT MOP OVER THE BASE, this will cause the base to rust. You should always pick your stools up off of the floor when moping and then wait until the floors are completely dry before placing them back down. The chemicals and water that are used to clean the floor will cause the base to rust.

Timber and wood

We recommend that you clean up any spills as soon as possible to help prevent staining the timer/ wood. Regular dusting of the products will help prolong the life of the stain. To clean the timber/ wood we recommend that you use not abrasive chemicals like dish washing liquid and earth choice spray and wipe, please ensure that you are careful to not wet the timber too much. Do not use abrasive chemicals like jiff or gumption as these products will help prolong the life of the timber and will not cause the stain on the product to wear. ​


Please keep indoor products out of direct sunlight. Indoor products are not UV stabalised this means that if they are left in direct sunlight the product may fade and have sun spots.