Our Story

Our History

Nextlevel Furniture is a family run business that has been working on taking furniture to the next level. We have been working with our supplier and their products for many years which means that we have a great knowledge and understand of what we are selling this allows us to provide you with the best information about what you are buying. It also allows us to help you with handy maintenance instructions so that you are able to get the best lifespan possible out of your products. The price of living is constantly increasing so we wanted to provide Australia with the best range of products at a reasonable price.

What we do

Here at Nextlevel Furniture we aim to supply furniture we aim to supply Australia with a great range of contemporary furniture for every room in your home. We aim to provide all of our customers with an easy shopping experience with no hidden fees. With great knowledge of our products so that we are able answer any questions that you may have. 

We wanted to give you the best price for your household furniture that we can so we order directly from our suppliers. By ordering directly from our suppliers they store and deliver all of our products. This allows us to provide reasonable prices as we do not have to pay for warehouse fees or warehouse staff. By shipping straight out of our suppliers warehouse we are also able to offer free or very reasonable freight prices as they have contracts with delivery companies allowing them to offer great prices.

At the moment we are only an online store however we are hoping to be able to open showrooms all through Australia in the near future.